🎉 Latest Thunkable ✕ Release; NEW COMPONENTS Data Viewer List and Data Viewer Grid! 2020-05-05

Hey @domhnallohanlon
Your Sample app link for Data viewer grid is not opening.

@tobi, thanks for flagging - this has been updated to a project page link and should work for everyone again now!

Very very thanks @domhnallohanlon! :smile: :smile:

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I’d like to show in the list only certain entries that have a specific value in a specific field that are present in the airtable sheet, is there a way I can accomplish it? I couldn’t find any

Refresh the Data Viewer List - is there reliable way to refresh it?

Here is the issue I am facing:

I have a local DB feeding the Data Viewer List. The data gets shuffled into the local DB from an Airtable. That all works well. I see it in a List Viewer.

However, the Data List Viewer shows any number of empty lines. And sometimes the underlying data and sometimes not. I have tried to use the work around posted by @darren to navigate to a refresh screen and return to the original screen. Doesn’t really work reliably for me.

Is there a way to reliably refresh the Data Viewer List?

Thanks in advance

Feature request: resize and change the resize mode of the images from the data table?
I tried importing some images, but their resize mode was set wrong and I found no way to correct it, since I can’t access the properties for a singular layout tile

If it does exist, please where is it?

@tutzing You should be able to pull to refresh the data, is that not working for you?

@marine.bocquetpncnj It does not currently exist but we have something we’re working on which will enable to you have a lot more control over the properties of the components and even the components themselves in the layouts.

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I find the pull-down method unreliable also.
Would be easier as a block.

Unreliable in what way? Does it not work as you expect? Can you please let me know what issues you’ve had with it so I can investigate?

I am working on allowing refreshing via a block but don’t currently have a timeline for availability.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the reply.

It is just the physical motion of pulling the on-screen block in terms of speed and length of pull.
I need to do tests comparing the Live app vs it installed (I’m on iOS/iPad).

What I have set up atm is that when the item in the data list viewer it clicked an alert pops up and if confirmed it changes the Cloudinary link in the airtable cell that the data list viewer pulls the item’s image from, thus after the refresh the image has changed.

If there is another way to refresh, go to another page, etc, then I am happy to use that work around.

I have that set up atm by having a timer kick the user to a refresh page and depending on a variable set by the page the user was on, back to that page.

Thanks for your answer @Steven - Yes, the manual refresh is working fine but how does the user know to refresh?

I am still struggling to make the Data Viewer List work in a way that makes sense in my app. Here is the basic structure:
I have a bunch a members stored in an Airtable. I would like to allow the app user to search for members and display the resulting list in a Data Viewer List . I assumed this is a standard task to be supported in some way by Thunkable.

If you have suggestions on how to accomplish this I would really appreciate it.

Here is my approach. Please let me know where I am off:

I upload the member data from my Airtable sheet into a list in the app. I need the complete data set to run any searches on.

Then I create a local data source with the member list restricted by my search criteria. Here is my disconnect. How can I delete the local data source when the search criteria changes? I need the row id to delete anything in the local data source but I don’t have access to the row id.

How do I get access to the row ID respectively mass delete local storage to refill it with a new search?

Thanks you.

@seth There will be a block to refresh the Data Viewer component coming out very soon which we made based on feedback from this and other threads. I expect it to be available sometime next week.

@tutzing We do have plans to eventually support more robust functionality. Some examples of this (which isn’t to say these will be enabled but just to give you an idea of what we mean) would be search and/or filtering. We understand that it is quite difficult to work with now and workarounds such as what you are describing are not ideal. With that being said, it is a complicated problem so we do want to make sure that what we make is functional, extensible, easy to use, and can work across different sources (Airtable, Sheets, etc.). I have seen some people request a deleteAllData in a data source block so it is something that is being considered. Would this help to enable you to work around the current limitations?


Brilliant! Thank you, Steven!

I noticed that Labels were added to the Canvas, are changes annoucned somewhere? I wanted to do that week before last I think and then it pops up haha!

It’s not just for us to stay up-to-date but also to recognise your and the team’s efforts.

Thanks again!

I would love that! :smiley_cat: :heart: Good Luck!

Yes @Steven, a deleteAllData would help plenty und would be much appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks for considering it.

In the meantime I have changed my app to keep track of the row IDs. ‘get value from’ works great. However, if I use the very same row ID in ‘update value in’ or ‘delete row in’ the app freezes.

How can the same row ID work to read but not to update/delete? Is that a known bug or doesn’t it work that way?


There is currently a known issue where if you make any changes (create, update, delete) to a data source that is linked to a data viewer on a screen which is not currently visible it may cause issues within your app. We’re working on a fix now. Is it possible this is the case for you?

Steven, where will you announce the data refresh block?

I noticed that a Rating component has popped in, how do I keep track of these great additions?

Thank you

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We have a release notes section in our docs that you can check out:

On a related note, the refresh block for the data viewer component is now available.