🎉 Latest Thunkable ✕ Release; NEW COMPONENTS Data Viewer List and Data Viewer Grid! 2020-05-05

@saramdl.gaunde021 go to https://x.thunkable.com/projects Click on the “My Data Sources” tab, then click the “Sync with Source” icon for your data source. Let me know if the block gets updated with the columns.

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best component so far! I’ve been love it so much! Thank you Thunkable Team for making this great component comes to life. (nice words). Hoping more components to come like purchase a product or payments in stripe. #Keepsafe


Deleting data sources does not work for me. For a very short moments it says „no data“ then blank screen.
I tried it with Safari and Chrome.
But my test app works with self createt data and with airtable. But not with google sheets.
So there must be some data sources to become deleted.

the only error i could produce is shown in this video. otherwise, there are inconsistencies between my thunkable data sources and the sources on the Gdrive and i believe they are my fault.


I am hoping to see the update come out verry soon that allows the published web apps to send data to google sheets. this is a bug i reported on github. other than that, for me this component has been working pretty dang well!

Thanks a lot for the new release! It makes apps using lists look much better!


Tengo el mismi problema…

Hey @francabral we’re looking into this at the moment, I’ll follow up with you via PM.

Thanks for your patience.

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Does anyone know? Will Firebase be an option in the near future as a data source?

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Deleting the data sources now works!
Tank you!

But creating google sheets still does not work.


Great Job!
How can i change Local DB to Data Viewer List (without Copy-Paste)
Because I have lots of Local DB but i want to change Data Viewer List.

With Dataviewer List, you can choose if you data are stored in Google Sheets, Airtable or in a Local Table.

Good to see you again @doctorsof, by the way! :+1:


When I create Dataviewer List it cant see any Local Table. But i have lots of old Local Table. Am i must to new? Or can i use old Local Tables for Dataviewer Lists?
If yes i can’t. I can send to message for shared link.

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Ah… I think I understand now.

It’s midnight for me - so I’m not near a computer (thankfully) but I’ll take a look for you tomorrow!


Unfortunately, the local db component is a different thing from the “local data source” that is used by the data viewer.

Eventually we’ll consolidate everything inside of the data sources, but we haven’t done that yet. For now, you’ll have to copy the content into the local data source.




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Wow I’ve done the same of you in n.2 feedback, i’m very happy to have done something correct ! Did’nt know about swipe down ! Thanks !!