Latest Thunkable Release including Artificial Intelligence! (Oct 25)

Hey Thunkers!

Artificial intelligence may be the technology that shapes our world more than any other over the next 50 years. From medical diagnostics to self driving cars, the ability for machines to mimic and potentially surpass some of the complex tasks that humans can perform is both extremely exciting and terrifying.

Earlier this week, we released two new components–the Microsoft Emotion Recognizer and Image Recognizer–that puts the power of two of the most powerful artificial intelligence tools currently available–in the palm of your hand and the hands of your users.

Select any picture you’ve already taken or take a new one and you’ll get back the most likely emotion that the machines can detect (from a list that includes happiness, anger, contempt, sadness, fear, neutral or surprise) and/or a one sentence description of that image. The Microsoft Emotion and Image Recognizer are based on technology that learns by training over millions (if not billions) of photos and will continue to improve as it trains on more data.

Detailed documentation has just been released here - and a sample .apk and .aia for the app above that uses the Emotion Recognizer is below.

Looking forward to seeing what you invent!
Albert on behalf of Team Thunkable