JSON list without any property

Hello to everyone.

I would like to get the data “URL” in this json here below.
I have some knowledge of JSON, although in the data below, the list does not have a property/name to it.


(i know its about cats, please dont ridicule me!)

I would like to set the URL to a variable, is this possible?

Hello there,
There are some minute errors in your given JSON.

  • ≠ "

(u have somewhere used ", & somewhere )
See :

NOTE - Only use " in JSONs.
So, first get your JSON good to go, then do the blocks :wink:

Have a look :slight_smile: -

#Happy Thunking! :wink: :tada:

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@_GD_ETJ, You might think about first creating an object (which is what the ‘O’ in JSON stands for) and then generating JSON from that. So, in your example, you could have something like the following function defined to generate your JSON:

which you could call with something like:


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