Issues with typerwriter text effect

Hi folks,
I am trying out the typewriter effect on my text which is going great through the logic below.

However, because the text is being rendered one character at a time, I see that each line does a little ‘readjustment’ when the last word starts to overflow that line.


How do I resolve this stutter and make sure that the typewriter effect plays out smoothly without any stutter?

Looks like the line is just recentering itself after the last word moves to another line.

Maybe try left alignment.


The left alignment does reduce the jitteriness a bit, but there are still words that jump to the next sentence midway through their rendering.
Is there a way to :

  1. Compute their position in advance so they render exactly where they will end up?
  2. Already render them in white colored / invisible font, and maybe turn the color of each character one by one?

I’m curious… how would you want the text wrapping to work differently? If it didn’t jump to the next line midway through then it would exceed the boundary of the label and get cut off by the edge of the screen. Would that be preferred?

I don’t think you can do #1 easily. You could clone a single letter (label or image) and use a monospace font and manually create each character that way. And then you’d have to calculate the line length and manually wrap the words.

I don’t think you can do #2, again except by cloning.

I understand what you are trying to achieve, but honestly I see no problem with the way it renders.

Thanks folks! I understand the complexity of this. Doesn’t seem like worth the effort now.

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