Is there some reason why my blocks might start to lag?

@friskyapple, since your initial post there have been a number of updates to the platform. We’re always working on making it faster and better, but you might notice an improvement just by logging back in to your project.



We would like it as fast as Thunkable Classic / other AI Platforms! :smile:

Thanks a lot, @domhnallohanlon! :wink:

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Isnt it still not fixed? Long time and the lag persists.


We’re exploring a variety of options and updates around this at the moment. We have also shipped a number of smaller updates which have resulted in improvements.

I’d also encourage you to peruse the #thunkable-cross-tutorials, particularly around reducing screen count and refactoring your blocks.


I checked the performance block and I can say that some of them began to work 2 times faster. But, unfortunately, improving the overall quality of performance is not occurred blocks.

It is interesting that the heaviest block proved to block the creation of Button (100 buttons for 18 seconds), and the Create Label block created almost 3 times faster ( see test).

Our latest release (from late yesterday) has a fix which should cause some improvement in lag for projects with large numbers of blocks. The improvement should occur when moving, modifying, adding and deleting blocks. The improvement may be significant for some projects and marginal for others. Let us know if you notice any change.

We have also started to make some more changes which, when complete, should further improve lagginess with large numbers of blocks and screens. This work is likely cause more dramatic improvements than yesterday’s but YMMV. We’ll keep you posted.


P.S. Make sure that you do a hard reload in your browser in order to ensure that you get the latest changes to Thunkable ✕.

P.P.S. The new changes that we are still working on should deal with the lagginess brought about by the use of variables.

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I reloaded the Firefox browser and updated the blocks, but they move in the side editor as slowly as before

O!!! I see that the speed of creating components has increased several hundred times! This is really very good!

I too have noticed a slightly better experience. Really happy with platform updates. Thanks!

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@actech, just curious about what exactly you mean by “move in the side editor”? Are you talking about selecting and then moving blocks or panning and scrolling the blocks editor?

Note that we didn’t do anything yet to speed up panning and scrolling.


I’m talking about selecting blocks and dragging them to another place in the block editor. Moving blocks to a new place in the editor occurs 7 seconds after I selected the block and moved the mouse

Mark, according to the test, I see that 100 buttons in Live on my Android 8.1 are created in 0.072 seconds, but these buttons appear on the screen after 4 seconds. Buttons used to appear after 18 seconds. It turns out that the real speed of creating and displaying buttons has increased by only 4 times? Problem with slow display?

Ok, thanks for the clarification. Some projects will see more speedup than others. Sorry that your’s is not one of the ones that is noticeably less laggy :cry:


@actech What’s so bad about a 4X speedup? That seems pretty decent :wink:

BTW, there was nothing in the latest release that was purposely put in there to speed up component creation. It is possible that we unintentionally sped some things up due to the fact that we are generating code in a different way than before.


Hello Thunkable team & Thunkers,
The Thunkable X platform (Blocks area) is too slow when we have several components and blocks. It takes about 7 seconds to do one action in the blocks area.
Would you fix this issue, please? That will help Thunkers a lot.

My best regards,


Hayder, can you file a bug about this here. That will help us in prioritizing and tracking the issue. In that bug can you give an idea for approximately how many screens, components and blocks you have.




same happens for me!!!

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When I’m dragging blocks around or moving a page with blocks UI is slow: blocks are not being redrawn until I release mouse button. Have checked similar services and they feel much more responsive, components redraw instantly when I move blocks or page, or zoom in/out. Tested on FF 69.


When you move something in Thunkable X IDE (blocks or components), that each time there is an exchange with Thunkable server. This, as you know, will work less responsive in comparison with the case when there is no communication with the server when you move objects in the browser.

I can compare it with other online IDE’s with blocks. BTW stuff related to blocks should be in local storage, so moving it or dragging doesn’t require communication overhead: html, js etc is loaded and processed locally in a browser.

BTW stuff related to blocks should be in local storage, so moving it or dragging doesn’t require communication overhead: html, js etc is loaded and processed locally in a browser.

Should be - does not mean that the way it is.