Is it possible to remove white spaces in the middle of textbox

Is it possible to remove the spacing in the middle of the textbox when i press a button I know there is “trimming spaces from” box but is there a way to remove when the space is in the middle of the textbox?

I’m not sure what you mean. I see “123 abc”. Is the value of the Text Input’s Text something else like this?

"123 abc       "

“123 abc” just a space in the middle only

Are you wanting to convert “123 abc” to “123abc”? Please give a specific example.

Edit: you can use the Replace All block in the Text drawer to remove ALL spaces from a text string:

Just change the “a” to " " (a space) and delete the “b”. Replace “abc” with your text input’s text.

ya trying to convert “123 abc” to “123abc” can it work for other text inputs? not just 123abc


It doesnt work for me when I try, These are the blocks I use.

That’s almost it. The replace all block already has quotes so you don’t need to add them. The box to the right of replace all should only contain a space, nothing else. Delete everything in it and press the space bar once.

If you’re still having trouble, post a link to your project.

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ok it works now thanks!

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