Is it possible to copy the text of a label?

is it possible to copy the text of a label?


Can you say more about what you’re trying to do? Do you want to copy the text when previewing the app? Or as a user?

Without knowing more, my answer would be: no. But you can copy text from a Text Input component.

as a user.

I developed a system here for the company, where it pulls information from our customers’ database.
sellers (users) asked about the possibility of copying the customer’s CNPJ (which is currently loaded in a label)

There’s currently no way to copy text from a label. It would have to be text in a Text Input component. But that’s not ideal because when you tap on that component, it edits the text and you’d have to manually select it all and copy it.

Besides that method, I do have a couple other ideas:

  1. Use the Share block. The user would tap that button and then tap Copy on their phone.
  2. It would be possible to do this with Javascript. However, that requires using a Web Viewer component and I believe the user would have to tap on the Web Viewer to activate it. Once Javascript is incorporated into Thunkable, this will be easier and work better.

You can try #1 in this demo:

(See the screen with your username.)

Tap Share and then tap Copy. This works on my iPhone but I haven’t tested it on an Android device yet.

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