IOS Stopwatch clone

Hey Thunker
Today I was wondering if i could make the stopwatch that was on my phone,
The answer is yes
This is the link to my project : Thunkable
If you have any suggestions or querys please tell me
Sorry about the name of my project
Please Please update Thunkable with the Custom Color Update
Should I publish this??


Sorry Android users this project is glitchy in android
Please share with me your suggestions

You’ve forgotten to link Darren’s tutorial: A Beginners Look at the Thunkable X Timer Component - YouTube

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@catsarisky My app’s lap feature includes The lap getting to 0 everytime i click it along with it getting shown on the list I’ve used 2 Timer components and I have created 2 new variables

Ah. Modifying an existing project can be a great way to learn more about how programming works. But if you’re posting something that’s the result of following someone else’s tutorial, it’d be appropriate to link that tutorial, in case someone else also wants to build that project. (It’s also a good way to say thank you to the person who did the hard work of making the tutorial.)

I’m also always interested to hear how someone has changed a remixed/tutorial project to improve it. So please, tell us more! What did you change? How is the behavior of the lap button different from in the tutorial? What variables did you add, and what do they do? This could be a really interesting post about how you made the stopwatch better. Get writing!


Hmm… All this is nice. Its good but is needs backgrounds and sounds too.

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I have added two lap variables One is var Lap sec and the other is var lap millisece I also added another timer component that handles these two Variables
Please stop discouraging

@catsarisky is NOT being discouraging! In fact, she is doing exactly the opposite- trying to help you make awesome apps on Thunkable! Please recognize her help for what it is.

P.S: Please don’t post a ‘Ban Codeswept’ topic again. As a matter of fact, don’t ask to ban ANYBODY.


okay, calm down

You can publish it but very less people will use it as there already is a same app which is used worldwide

@krithikvasan6m1 This is not good please Be respectful @catsarisky said nothing wrong she was just helping you out

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