Infos about advanced features

Hi there,
it’s great that there are so many advanced functions implemented in screens, rows, columns…
Is there a comprehensive overview (with examples perhaps…) so that these can be optimally used to full extent?

I usually just Google a search term and the word Thunkable. So a search for row Thunkable returns this page:

And a bunch of videos and other documentation from staff and users.

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Yes, that’s what I also did.
But thunkable offers so much more…

Row has the option advanced - sizing - flex/none
I cannot find anything about that.

And what does the ‘aspect ratio’ do?

‘Transform’ and ‘perspective’ also seem rather cool features…

AND: What is the ‘z’ position in a sprite?

What is the ‘flex box layout’ in a label?

Sooo many cool features, so many questions…


It’s true, those things are not all explained in the documentation.

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