Incorporating Cryptocurrency?

Any Plans on adding a way to Incorporate any Cryptocurrencies?
I know y’all had the option before and i am not sure why Thunk took it away.

Can you be more clear by saying what crypto currency is?

It is in the same vain as bitcoin

Could please put an image so I can see? I’m not that much of a pro.

Hi @1negroup2 :wave:

If crypto was integrated, what would you imagine doing with it?

Here are the docs from Coinbase to setup, send, and receive crypto via the api connector! Using their wallet of course.

And here are the docs for trading ethereum on using rarible

You’ll just need the Api connector


So using the Web API component? I am guessing thats what you mean?

There is no picture or block for this, thats why i am asking about it.
This should help - What Is Cryptocurrency? Beginners Guide to Digital Cash - NerdWallet


So i am trying to implement a reward token of some sort is that possible?

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