Impossible to download my test App (Error message)

I am enjoying your 14 days trial (Thunkable PRO), with my first App Test with just 1 screen and 1 banner Admob. But when I try to download the App, Thunkable sand the message “APP DOWNLOAD ERROR : input file is missing or an unsupported image format” . I don’t know what to do! My App is Pronostici_numeri_fortunati_Superenalotto

Hi there @mariagraziamclwhmoee :wave:

Did you fill in the form for Downloading an AdMob app?

Also, are you trying to display an SVG (or maybe a video file?) in one of your Images or BackgroundImages?


I waited for 1 week but the issue is still when I try to download the App. Thunkable send me the message “App download error Input file is missing or of an unsupported image format”. The App is approved to download with Admob banner, and I have not in app video files, only images. The App is a simple test App , with only 1 screen with images and Admob banner.
The name of my App is Pronostici_numeri_fortunati_Superenalotto .

Problem solved, Thunkable send me an e-mail with instructions to solve the problem. Now App is ok.