Import Scratch project into Thunkable

Is there any way to import a scratch project into Thunkable? ChatGPT said it’s possible, but I can’t find a way to do that! Please help


Scratch projects are stored as a series of JSON text files. So while you could import the JSON itself into a Thunkable label to list the code you used in a Scratch project, you can’t modify Thunkable code externally.

This would be the equivalent of taking apart a blender and gluing all of the parts to a piece of plywood and showing it to someone. It wouldn’t function as a blender but they could see what a blender is made from.

I guess if you wanted to spend A LOT of time creating a way to parse a Scratch project’s JSON and assign values to sprites in Thunkable it might be possible. But it would be a ton of work and you’d have to be very comfortable parsing JSON and… it would likely only work for a single Scratch project. You couldn’t just import a different Scratch project after that and expect it to work.


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