Import Design Files

What is the best way to import sliced design files and have them placed in an exact location on the screen as they exist in the design file?

I’m afraid there’s no better way. Everything is done manually. Importing files into a project


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In your opinion is it better to upload the image as one screen versus sliced assets and re positioning? Then on top of your asset create the buttons/text areas etc?

Do you want to place interactive areas on which you can click or just an image?

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Exactly. In my design files, I have interactive elements, buttons, text areas etc. I am trying to figure out best way to do this but keeping my original design files…

No, I was wrong. Can you send me a link to your design in order to see the problem more clearly?

The image has Register and Sign In function and I want people to select either option. But it is all comprised as one main image.

It is difficult for me to give an answer without seeing an example. Does the image have the same number of slices?

It’s easier to work with one image because if you split it into parts, you will need to create separate components for each part.

Note that there are no blocks for positioning in Thunkable X. Elements can be positioned, but at the execution stage it is quite difficult to do.