I'm stuck trying to create an app that references a database of what people prefer out of two random options

Hi @ioannis . Thanks once more for your help. This response is a bit lengthy, but wanted to explain the behaviours as I’m seeing now. (This is from starting with no existing records in the Combinations1 table):

When screen 1 opens:

  • Everything looks OK
  • I get a random item for Option A and a random item for Option B appearing as text in the OptionA and OptionB buttons

When I click OptionA button:

  • The table in Combinations1 updates correctly - a record is created with the correct OptionA and Option B and 1 is added to the VotesForA field, and the PercentA and PercentB fields update
  • The labels do not update - the label text should be appearing now as the text in the PercentA (100) and PercentB (0) fields, but nothing is displayed

Click Option A again (same 2 options on screen as before)

  • The table updates correctly i.e. VotesForA updates to “2”
  • The labels update correctly too - LabelA text shows as 100 and LabelB text shows as 0

If I click Option A button again (still same 2 options as before)

  • Nothing happens - table record does not update

Click Option B (same 2 options as before still on screen)

  • Table updates correctly - 1 added to VotesForB, PercentA and PercentB fields also update
  • Label text does not change (it should change to the new PercentA and PercentB values)

If I click Option B again (same 2 options as before)

  • Nothings happens - table fields do not update

If I now click “Another”

  • Gets 2 new random items for Option A and Option B as it should, and shows these as the text in the OptionA and OptionB buttons
  • The label text stays on screen from the time before I pressed “Another”. I would want this to reset when “Another” is clicked

Click Option A button

  • Table updates correctly - two new items are added in a new row and the VotesForA field updates to “1”
  • The label texts disappear where I want them to now show the PercentA and PercentB values for the new row

Click Option B button (same 2 options)

  • Table updates correctly, so now shows VotesForA=1, VotesForB=1, PercentA=50, PercentB=50
  • Label texts also update correctly - shows LabelA text as 50 and LabelB text as 50

Click Option A again (same items)

  • Table updates OK - VotesForA=2, VotesForB=1, PercentA=67, PercentB=33
  • Labels on screen do not update though

Click “Another” and get 2 options that are already an existing combination in the Combinations1 source

Click Option A

  • Nothing happens - no records update

Click Option B

  • Table updates OK - correct existing records update

Try clicking Option A again

  • Creates a new entry in table with a different (incorrect) Option A but the correct Option B - it should not create a new record line at all as the combination already exists

Click Option B

  • Table updates correct Option B but wrong Option A existing combination

Click Option B again

  • Updates table with new record containing both wrong Option A and wrong Option B

Here are the blocks that I’m using with the behaviours described in the previous message

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