About airtable (random list)

I have " question" column in Airtable. I want to list the quesitons random on a label, when I click a button. I have 20 questions (20 rows) in my airtable. Can someone show the blocks?

Hey @metin

There’s two parts to this.

One is to save the Airtable to a local list variable.

The second is to select a random item from the list that you generated from your Airtable data.

Something like this should work for you:

@domhnallohanlon This block listed all question from airtable, did not list random. Do I have mistake?

Did you try them yet?

The random item of list selects a random item from a list.

yes, I tried but I have still problem

what does the error block return?

Lists only one question

Sure - but that’s not an error code or error message?

Is there an issue with your blocks somewhere perhaps?

no error