'If background picture =' block


In my app, I want something to happen if the background picture is a specific one. I tried to do this:
But, it is not working. I also tried the blue number block in the math category (
image ) instead of the pink block, but I can only type numbers in that, and not letters. Any way to solve this?

Not sure but I think right now, you’re trying to compare different data types. Your statement there says something like “If this picture right here looks like “3D1” then…” Which doesn’t make sense.

Can you store the image you want to compare against in an app variable and then compare 3DShapesIntro’s Background Picture to the variable instead?

I’m not saying that the picture looks like 3D1. 3D1 is the name of the background picture

Yeh, I get that. But I’m pretty sure that not what your code is saying. You’re not comparing the ‘name of 3DShapesIntro’s background picture’, you’re seeing if the image itself is the same as the text. They’re not the same data type.

Try storing the image you want to compare as a variable and then comparing the current background image to it.

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K, I’ll try that

Ohhh, I get it. I solved my problem, but using a different way (not variables) but you were very helpful. Thx!

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