I want to create Negative Numbers for my game

Won’t joining work?

Because the join block is found in the Text drawer, it converts anything joined into a text string. So when you join “-”, you’re not making a negative number. You’re just putting a dash in front of the number as a text string

What you want to do instead is to multiply the sum (Score1’s Text + Text_Input5’s Text) by negative 1. Use the zero math block (0) and type in -1.


Does not seem to work

I think I need to plus 1st then x -1

so I want a program to add like this I key in positive number but the program will show negative number

this is what I am trying to do

Can you share a link to your project?

Also is it possible to make it so that I will have to input the score in order to press submit?


That’s not the correct version or you’ve changed it. This is what I see:

Can you post an updated link that has the multiplying the sums by negative one?

I’m sorry

And… that works, right? It displays negative numbers when I enter a score. Did you need any more help with the negative sums?

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