I need to take my BT Classic code and convert it into BLE code (with everything working the same)

Hello, can anyone assist me with finishing this code transition from BT to BLE for my Esp32 project ?

My original code for BT Classic: 0bin - encrypted pastebin

My Actual Work in Progress Code for BLE: 0bin - encrypted pastebin

I am trying to take all I did in BT Classic and have it working exacly the same in BLE but the Rssi keeps returning 0’s in the BLE code and I don’t get why, even after I do connect with my iPhone to the Esp32 the Rssi is still read as 0’s.

In the BT Classic example everything works perfectly fine, but I am struggling to make my BLE code work.

What the first code does is reading Rssi signal from any device that connects to the Esp32, aproximating a distance based on the values and outputing the resulting Distance and Rssi in a list of pairs form via text that is sent to the other device, continously so I can use that information to generate a graph and do various things with it.

I tried taking all I did in my BT Code and replicate it in BLE but it’s not working at all, with rssi showing as 0 no matter what.

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sorry but thunkable is drag and drop and what platform are you show is it in java?
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It’s C++ (Arduino) code.

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I had no idea it’s not allowed, after all you guys have Arduino as a tag. Whatever, thank you for the help.

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its fine but don’t do it again