I Need To Find an App that uses all the basics of the blocks in Thunkable. Help

So in my fourth grade classroom, we do a thing called ‘Teach Me Tuesday’. Basically, on Tuesday, a person in the class is chosen to present a certain presentation of theirs to teach the class, and the teacher, something new. It’s my turn next week, and I decided to teach my class how to make an app on Thunkable. Here’s the catch. I only have 5 MINUTES to present my lecture, and I can’t seem to find a app lesson that is simple, in code and design, uses all the basics of the blocks like the variables and functions and so and so. Lastly, I want it to create a good final outcome. So, to summarize, help me please…

PS : I only have until April 20th for an answer

i suggest you to create something close to you or something relevant in your class.
do not create difficult app and it will end up with no outcome.


I would do a “hello world” app that changes colors with a button press. :boom: your whole presentation is. Is planned!


If I had 5 minutes, I wouldn’t try to teach someone how to make an app. I would create an app beforehand and show off its features. Then mention a few additional features (things like Google Sheets integration, barcode scanning, web viewer) and tell people how to sign up for Thunkable for free.

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I did the exact thing on a anthor lesson on Scratch at the beginning of the year.

What do you mean by a hello world app?

ok ok. But I’m not sure the output might not be appeling