I need app created. I pay you

I need someone to create a simple app for me. You create the app. I pay you and I keep the app as mine. Pm me for details if up to the task. A simple app.

Well you need to tell what type of app you need


Kindly contact me and I will do nice app for you under 24hrs.

My contact details below

Email or hangouts
successfuljoseph1 @gmail.com


Send Your Details Here


pls remove it

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While you’re right that it’s best not to post personal information such as email addresses on a public forum, it’s also best not to re-open old topics. This one is two years old.

Every time you “bump” an old topic, it rises to the top of the forums and makes people think it’s an important message to review. So even commenting “great idea!” tends to add clutter to the forums.

If this is your email address, then contact a staff member to ask them to edit/delete the post.