I am starting my new Publication 🤩

Hi Thunkers! :wave: :tada:

I am starting my new Publications on Medium, App Lab :smile:

This is my logo -

Please give feedback on the logo, it took me 1.5 hrs to find the good one :sweat_smile:

Publications Description -

One-stop blogs on Developing & Designing Apps with Thunkable ✕

I am going to write on How to make apps with Thunkable X, & designing their UI. :smile:
I have not uploaded anything yet, but will upload soon.

If anyone also wants to be a writer, and has a good idea of how to write blogs/guides can PM me, or reply here :slight_smile:
If you have any ideas for my first blog, please PM me :slight_smile:

I love helping everyone, and I am also going to help through blogs :grinning:

Your support is welcomed :blush:

Visit it here -


Thanks! :blush:


I would also like to add a Thunkble Staff member as editor.
(To inspect my blogs on Thunkable X)

Any Suggesstions, @Domhnall?

Thanks! :blush: