How would I create an advanced weather app?

I’ve seen a lot of different people talk about what their apps but my weather app is different and something that I would love to make but I don’t know how if I could get some sort of template I can edit and some very detail like instructions with pictures. That would be helpful since I’m very new to using this platform

The idea of my app is used multiple different weather APIs to get information such as hourly weather and the current weather and have it pick out things that are similar. If nothing is similar it will average out the numbers. If the number that is averaged is five lower than the lowest number, it’ll give you the lowest from the APIs if the number is 5 higher than it’ll give knew that highest number this goes for anything such as the percentage of rain or snow or any other type of weather that you would get a percentage for the temperature and everything like that. Like even the amount of rain per hour instead of needing to have several different weather apps installed, you would just have this single app

I don’t know if it is possible to create a weather app that is like other weather apps that you can find in the Google Play store or the app store if it is possible to do it. I don’t know how you would do it. Probably would have to code it but if it’s possible to have it generate based on the weather data that it has a radar like map. I just want the things I’d like to do. Another thing that I’d like to have to do because you use like a sports API to get information on outdoor sports events. So like you can know the weather for that type of event. If I can’t do that that’s not a big deal. The radar is more important than the sports thing

But I thought that this would be a great idea for weather app and if anyone can help me achieve this goal by editing a template or someone creating a template that I can use as a starting point, then sending me either pictures and doesn’t have to do it. That would be amazing

Hi and welcome to Thunkable! What you’re describing is definitely possible with Thunkable and sounds like a lot of work. Are you looking to pay someone for a template and/or instructions for this type of app? If so, you can post in the Paid Help subforum.

If not, it’s really asking too much of other users to provide something like that for free. Many of us help as much as we can but you’ll have to get started – reading documentation, looking at example projects on the forums, watching YouTube videos – and then ask specific questions about small steps in your project. Including a screenshot of your blocks or a link to your project is crucial so that people can better help you.

Good luck with your app!

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