How to use Stored Variable?

I just watch at this tutorial by Thunkable to make checklist apps.

But I am not sure why everytime i close the apps, it doesn’t remember the list eventhough in the block, it already used “local storage” function.

Also, can anyone point me how to use stored variable in this particular scenario? Since you need to make both “label” and “switch”, does that mean I need 2 different “stored variable”.

can you share your project so we can check can and tell how to do

You use the stored variables the same way as app variables with one exception. For stored variable, when the app open the first time (or after the app’s cache is cleared) you need to initialize the variable. If you do not, trying to use the stored variable can cause a variety of crashes, depending on the data type and use. To initialize, simply set the value in the start even of the first screen.

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Here is the link.

hope you can help. thank you.

Also if possible, how to make both the label and the switch to be in 1 line, beside each other.

Because if I add a long label, it will make 2nd or 3rd line. Meanwhile, the switch will still only take 1 line.

for illustrative purpose :

Column 1 | Column 2
breakfast | switch 1
study group| switch 2
with friend | switch 3
lunch |

the label “study group with friend” should only result in 1 switch, but because it is long and takes 2 line, it mess with the formation of the label + switch.

Add a Row and put the label and the switch into the row

Also if possible, how to make both the label and the switch to be in 1 line, beside each other.

Thank you for your input. it works, but it leads to more question. When you add a row, how to define its height to follow the line in the label?

From “Row” “Component” set “Height” to “”

It seems like I can only fill it with absolute size, or is there a way to set the heigh to “fit content”?


what about a row that you created via block?

So it is not yet available in design section.

@wilstreak3xaa if you want to set height to fit contents then try clone option

You can enter the text in the height.

Keep in mind there are some issues between webapps and device apps ![image|648x83]


thank you very much, it works. I didn’t knew before that we can just fill empty block with “fit contents”.

By the way, about stored variable. Can you tell me how to apply it?

I simply didn’t know what component or value to store.

I just want the apps to save the checklist and switch condition so that it will remain everytime i reopen the apps.

Thank you.

@wilstreak3xaa i am just completing it for you

see this link it will help
made with stored var

@wilstreak3xaa just see mine and everyones for greater learning

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I am sorry, but what do you mean?

Can i see the completed version?

by the ttime he makes refer mine

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Hi Bro,

just asking about store variable. i have created row in airtable and i want same info to be created at store variable. it need to create 1 variable only or each of info need to created own variable. sample block as below.


maybe use call save blocks
im not good at airtable*