How to use StartValue in Thunkable X with LocalStorage

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In this post, we’ll talk about How to implement StartValue in App

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So, if you want to transfer any type of value to another screen, you may try using LocalStorage for this.
I have some code blocks related to the above idea. You may take reference from them below :

Sending Start Value


Getting Start Value


When we save and go to another screen, we make use of the value by ourselves, and then remove the value after our use. So, it does not populate the user’s storage.

Note: Please make sure that if you want to use the start value outside the Screen opens block, store the start value coming in a variable.

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Nice tutorial Kartik…

I think this example is simple…
Lets put more difficulty here! :smiley:

I get this image from blocks under, so what blocks need put to share in the other screen?

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Here u go! :sweat_smile:


Thanks! :smile:

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You just forgot one thing

But here the block and results:

Screen 1

Screen 2

Thanks for the tutorial Kartik! This will help a lot of people and new thunkers :slight_smile:

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Screen 2
When get from local storage do “from image set picture to value”

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