How to translate thunkable X into Korean?

Hello, everyone.

I am teaching coding in Korea.
I am currently a Korean translator for Appinventor, Appybuilder, and Cospaces.
And I am currently the best-selling book author of App Inventor in Korea.

I would like to introduce Thunkable to Korean people.
First of all, I would like to translate Thunkable X into Korean.

I would be grateful if you let me know if there is a platform for translation and how to use it.

Wait for your answer.
Thank you.


you can use google sheets to do so A Translator App, simple hack - #6 by codeswept check out this link, a new thing by our member

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This post is 11 months old. Please do not bump it. Also, I believe the original poster meant how to translate the builder itself, not just some text when using the app.


Yes, we can do it by click right mouse button and then if you use chrome, it will show some options and there will be something like translate to english, after clicking on it, you will see google translate at the top, click the vertical three dots and click choose another language, a list of languages appear, finally click your target language: Korean and done, everything will change to korean

Can be possible by using the post #3

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