How to set up 3 button alerts

Hi everyone

I am creating an app and I want that when a button is clicked an alert appears with 3 options called “take”, “upload” and “no” and that when a button is clicked it takes a picture, uploads it or cancels the action.

I’ve done what you see in the picture and I’m very tangled

If you can answer with a picture it is better

Try this

If button pressed = 1

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You don’t need to take a photo inside of each camera block. I would delete your three functions and simplify this a lot.

If the user clicks “take” or “upload” or “no”, then just take a photo or select a photo or do nothing. You don’t need ANOTHER “if” block inside of each of those. And the green Photo block contains the image itself. So I’m not sure that “if [Photo]” actually evaluates to true/false as you’re currently using it.

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