How to save image taken with phone to image gallery

Hi everybody! I tried to find a post about this but i didnt if theres one bare with me.

Im using the webviewer html workaround to take photos from my app but the photos dont get saved to gallery. Is there a way to get them saved?

Hello @hansnielsen350yuwp2 welcome to the community
Could you please share the solution you found?
in case someone else is having the same question


ti 15. elok. 2023 klo 17.09 Ioannis Roungeris via Community ( kirjoitti:

in order to get the image saved to phone you need to dl from an url. This can be found from the api youre using .if it is possible.In my case the api had the information i needed:the image and so on. The url can be used in thunkable blocks adding an button and assigning “when clicked” open url and so forth. This is a kind of workaround. Ill add the code blocks to clarify.

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In order to get it to work,in my case, i needed to create an variable called response.This is how: