How to restrict firebase database to receive writing requests to only my thunkable app

So I know there’s a way to check for a login request to restrict who can use the firebase database connected to a thunkable app, but for reasons beyond my control that won’t work.

I need a way to restrict my firebase database (that is personal to my google account) so that it only grants write requests from a specific source, my thunkable app (also under my personal google account). I have only seen two ways to fill in the .read and .write parameters on the “rules” section of the firebase database: true and false. I have read set to “true” right now and write set to “false” but I don’t want to set the write rules to “true” because then it becomes public, based on the warning it gives me.

Is there any way to create writing restrictions directly on the database website?

Thank you for your help!!!

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“rules”: {
“.read”: “auth.uid != null”,
“.write”: “auth.uid != null”

If you need to log in, you must enable hosting