How to remove particular index number of letter from text

Hi , I wanted to ask is there any way to remove a particular index number of letter from text
For eg : in text abc replace 1st letter with I
Its fine if anyone wants to answer after the WDC so I will pop it up then



Thank you Soooo Soooo Much @catsarisky |
This is Real Sportsmanship
:grinning: :grinning:

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Oh sure! One of the things I’ve learned in years of coaching kids’ robotics teams is coopertition. It’s a made up word (courtesy of FIRST) that means we might be competing but we also cooperate whenever we can. I love WDC because I get to learn lots of new skills.

p.s. I didn’t use anything like this in my WDC entry, so I’ll be interested to see your approach - it’s different than mine, for sure!

p.p.s. At some point, I’m going to post a walkthrough on my code, because I think there are a few interesting bits.


Yes This is absolutely necessary , sportsmanship and helpfulness

Thanks I will post it in a day or two

This will be really helpful


This WDC challenge definitely showed me the need for such as block.

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Yes @tatiang this block is needed

I’m interested to see how y’all are using it, I didn’t!

As I see it, there are two ways to display used letters that the player guesses:

  1. Join each letter to a label’s text; one label for correct guesses (if displayed), one for incorrect guesses
  2. Show the full alphabet and replace each guessed letter with a symbol (correct/incorrect)

Oh, yeah, I see. That makes sense. I sort of went with option 2…


Right. And with cloning, that’s relatively easy. Without, it’s relatively hard. I’m trying to create every WDC I participate in using the new drag-and-drop interface unless I absolutely can’t.


That’s another whole difficulty level!

I tried the beta conversion to drag and drop. After I reworked all my container cloning, I discovered all my clones were on top of each other — and there seemed to be no way to prevent that? I’ll move to D&D once it is fuller featured, but probably not before.