How to measure distance between face and front camera?

How to measure distance between face and front camera for CentiMeter?

Hey @tequilayu1112d :wave:

Welcome to the community - I’m a little bit confused by the category and tags you’ve used here. Are you using Thunkable? I’m not aware of any way to do something like this right now.

What sort of app are you trying to build?

Hi domhnallohanlon,

Yes, as mentioned that tried Thunkable but not find any build in function.
As before, I saw Android Studio can do by camera to measure. But I don’t know how to coding.
I think that might be custom function and added multiple category.


Thanks @tequilayu1112d - unfortunately Thunkable does not support extensions or aia files so this wouldn’t be possible with the current platform.

If you let us know a little more about the type of app you’re trying to build we might be able to recommend an alternative or a work-around.

My kid always play mobile phone too close. Hope to develop the apps prompt up the warning.

ok, I get it now. Even if these component was available it wouldn’t be possible to build this app with Thunkable as our apps can’t run “on top of” other apps.

You would only be able to measure the proximity in the Thunkable-made app and not in any other app, i.e. games that you kid is playing.


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Thanks Domhnall for your replied.
Hope Thunkable will be build up for this.

Thank you very much.