How to make your own typeface?

I wanted to know if you can help me I have a STEM Camp and I have to make my own typeface on my
computer if you can help me please leave a nice reply and give me some ideas and make it understandable for me to make I have between today and Wednesday of next week so please help me!

Bye! :wave:


  1. you can draw letters on the canvas and then save the canvas. In this case you will have a font in the form of images with hand drawn letters

  2. you can create a vector font. To do this, you need to draw lines with your fingers and save the coordinates of these lines in the array. After that, you create an array of letters, each letter in which must correspond to a set of lines to output this letter

  3. you can create a pixel font. To do this, the canvas must be divided into many identical cells, like a litre of paper in a cell. After that, you tap the cell with your finger and it turns black. In the result, your letter will consist of the relative cell number in a two-dimensional coordinate system

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thank you but i want to see if anybody else has any ideas and i want to see which on works best

I think you will have to wait a very long time and not the fact that someone will ever give you an example, because the iPhone store does not sell hamburgers. I think you got the joke. To solve various tasks, it is better to use the application that is specifically designed for this purpose. I donโ€™t think Thunkable X is good for creating custom fonts.


I do not get it

he maens not possible


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maybe they would add it soon