How to make one screen show only after entering a digit into another screen

I want to make it so that to reach the second screen, you have to enter a digit into the first screen. I have been trying to do this myself, but to no prevail. Here is how it all works:

On one screen, you enter a value, and the local storage carries it over to the next screen. This is the text input that you enter a number into -

And then these blocks transfer the number to the next screen -
Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 18.02.49
And these blocks receive it on the other screen
Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 18.04.14

Hello @rubenmjosephs8asjp, thanks for posting your question to the community! I have put together a sample app for you.

pull out the drawer navigator and navigate to screen “scr_MoveTexttoAnotherScreen”

you’ll want to replace

with this

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 1.42.55 PM
in my example, i also show how to do this using either a variable or the localStorage. The logic blocks you used would only work if you entered “null” into the text input I belive. The red text box, when used, outputs a true/false value and therefore works in the if/then statements.


Hi, @rubenmjosephs8asjp! :wave:

What you are doing, is checking the empty-status of the box after saving in Local_Storage.
This won’t work, because it would save first, and then show error message Please enter your goal, if text_input is null.

Try these blocks -


Along with above blocks, to avoid input of any character other than numbers, make sure you have that textinput’s Keyboard Type to numeric -


Hope I helped you! :smiley_cat:
Good Luck! :tada:

Thanks! :blush:

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@jared @kartik14 I have tried both ways, with the variable and with the local storage, but in both instances, it switches to the screen where you enter the digit, you put in the number and it takes you to the other screen, but before the number can appear on the screen, it takes you back to the number input screen.

@rubenmjosephs8asjp If you post how you’ve tried it differently with screenshots or a share link to the app, it may be able to prove more precise assistance information your use case. Both of our methods, @kartik14 and mine, should work based on your use description. Perhaps you’ve entered blocks incorrectly?

I am just spitballing here, but maybe you need to enter a delay or move a control block for navigation to a different area, but like many have said on this forum, it’s super difficult to accurately diagnose/help without seeing what you have put into your blocks.

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Are you saving the text input long term? You could just use a stored variable. If it’s short term, use an app variable.

Thanks @eoinparkinson, I’ll make sure to do this

@jgibb20189 Sorry, I’m quite new at this. Here is the link: Thunkable and the blocks i’m focusing on are
Screenshot 2020-02-23 at 09.24.32 Screenshot 2020-02-23 at 09.24.20 !