How to make a Tik Tok app

Hekko thunkers :wave:
Can any of you help me make a Tik Tok app? Links, pictures and any thing else that you think will help (No Youtube videos please!)Private messages welcome too!


i’m not sure you can make video platform without youtube or something.

actually thunkable has not feature about saving even photo yet. (temporarily yes, but cannot save file in cloud as far as i know)

i’m figuring out if i could using API or something too.

sorry i didn’t know about the feature “Media DB” which can save image (not sure video). hope to help


@saramdl.gaunde021 - sure you can. The media db allows you to save images, audio and video in the cloud:


Yes now i know haha. I searched community but they say can’t store image but maybe a few years ago. So i dissapointed but now i know media db is here! (Actually i was searching for Base64 API so that i saved as text and get image with that…)

It is my fault but i believe if you guys introduce new feature here in community, then it will help us a lot!

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good to know thanks for the information

@saramdl.gaunde021 are you trying to save an image in base 64?

You can do this with the canvas! :grin:


You can?

@choi_beomgyu, yep you can!


Cool thanks @domhnallohanlon

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Creating a TikTok account is definitely the easiest procedure, the harder it is to make it work and create a big loyal audience especially when you are not a popular person.

@heatheroliverrbtx Firstly, this topic is 1 year old, so reviving it isn’t good. Secondly, I don’t think @choi_beomgyu was talking about using the actual TikTok, they were talking about making an app like TikTok using Thunkable. Please keep in mind not to revive topics more than a few months old. Thanks! Could a moderator close this topic please?