How to get API call back

I have a little problem with API. I am usin the yourpay Api Docomentation link Yourpay · Apiary

I need this paymet for bauying a beer. But how du I get the Callbackurl(or what I need) so I know that the payment is valid, and I can give the customer a beer.
I asume I have to use the Api get, but how??? The button 75 block works to show the payment window.

Hi @funhall

I don’t have a “Yourpay” account so I can’t say for certain, but according to the docs the callbackURL is something that you specify in the initial request rather than something dynamic that you get back as part of the response:

Hi All
I hope someone will help me with how to programme the yourpay WepAPI.
Here is the docs
I really like to have this API in the app to pay for some goods for our customers. I am not a programmer so hope someone will help me showing the block or help me do it maybe on remote screen.