How to display the deleted value from firebase to thunkable?

I have made a app where you can upload and delete items in a data viewer list.
I have given the code for creating a row in data viewer list–

Now I have given the code for deleting a row–

After deleting its showing up on firebase like this–

But how do idisplay this deleted value in thunkable??
Can anyone help me out??

You would need to pull the value into the app before deleting it. Or save it to a variable.


Do you mean how do you refresh the items in the list?

No I mean to delete a particular row when it is deleted.

What do you mean by “pulling” the value??

just delete it from firebase and it will be updated in thunkable

Can you say more about this? You can store the value in a variable before deleting it. And then display the value of the variable.


But that’s my problem!!! The rows in the data viewer list are not getting updated!!

I think your advice might work…can u just show it so it’ll be much more clear??

If your rows aren’t being updated you likely didn’t create the logic to do so.

Unless you are using listeners to tell the app to update your listviewer it won’t happen automatically

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It isn’t a list viewer…it is a data viewer list which works a bit differently from list viewers… anyway how do I use listeners to tell the app to update the rows (data viewer list) ??

Either way (list or dataviewer) you’ll need to inform the app to update. You can do this with a listener block.

Set the listener. Then When the listener notices a change, use code to update your data source for your data viewer.

Can U show me code for that as I’m new to thunkable??

Data viewer list does not have a way to directly connect to a Firebase database.

Am I missing something here?

Where there is a will, there is a way

I would set up a real-time listener on the node containing the changing data.

When a change is observed the listener would fire a function to clear and repopulate the local data viewer.

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Please show a screenshot of this code…