How to delete images from cloudinary

Coudinary documentation recommends JQuery library. I did not use it so I cannot comment on it.

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How can we use it in thunkable ?

Hi, I have the same problem, delete the images on cloudinary. Unfortunately the projects posted in this thread have been deleted. If possible, can you post me some photos or a test project, with only the part relating to the deletion of the image? Thank you

Any chance you could make this link available again?

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Here it is:

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Thanks @muneer

Is this similar to how to organize images into folders when using cloudinary?

For example I use multiple apps with my 1 cloudinary account (maybe that’s not industry standard idk)

I would prefer when users upload media they get put into folders instead of just willy nilly on the main media page on cloudinary.

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In the API, you can decide where to store the images and therefore you can achieve such thing.