Delete image in Media DB (claudinary)

I can find a topic ow to delete a picture in Claudinary. Anyone with the magic hints, thanks…

As far as I know, I think you can only substitute it by uploading another image displaying the text this image does not exist anymore.

i just dont want my cloudinary to be full of not used pictures…

You can try setting a variable deleted to false. When a user clicks the delete image button, set it to true. When displaying Cloudinary images, check if the variable is true. If it is, set the URL of the image to any image displaying DELETED, instead of displaying the most recent Cloudinary picture.

Yes but as I undertand it this solution dosent delete the picture in Cloudinary. Is that right???

Yes, it doesn’t. It just displays another image saying that the image has been ‘deleted’.


I think you will need to use the cloudinary web (REST) api