How to create text or CSV file using 2022 version of Thunkable?

I want to create a file say MyNotes.txt and write to it and save it. Later on I want to use Windows Notepad and read it. If this is not possible cresting a CSV file is also ok. I did find answers in this forum and in Google about CSV files but they are all bit old and all the options/component blocks they had back then do not exist now. Any help applicable for 2022 Thunkable X version would be highly appreciated. If you can kindly point me to a video that would be ideal.

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Check this for a similar project

Hi Muneer, I was trying out your file without realizing I was creating VCF in your GitHub repository as vcard1671071869715.vcf. My apologies. Please delete all of them, sorry again. How can I make it to save locally on my laptop? I would like to save it as CSV or Txt. Thanks

Hi muneer, i have the same problem of “anandavardhana57zwwl”. I used yout test app, my apologies, please delete the file i create. How can i save data to txt file locally?
Thank you