How to choose maximum values calculated automatically from app

Hi. I would like to ask a question. So my future application requires user to count the number of items in 15 mins for more than 1 intervals. Is there a way for thunkable to choose only the highest value from all intervals?

Hey @nurfarhanah19971fb5x can you give a detailed explanation of what you want to do


In the list blocks there is a block that retuns a variety of aggregate functions: sum, average, min, max, etc…

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Hi and Good Day. I am actually a newbie. I am supposed to create a tally counter to collect traffic volume data at any time interval for example 10min, 15min etc. The traffic volume data is obtained from summation of all types of vehicles which are Motorcycles, Cars & Taxis, Light Vans &Utility Vehicles, Medium Lorries (2 axle), Heavy Lorries (3 or more axles) and Buses. The app is able collect more than 1 data for each time interval dependent on the user itself. For example, user A can conduct 2 sets of 10-min interval traffic volume data and user B can conduct 8 sets of 10-min interval traffic volume data. My question is, 1) how do I create the app so that users can have no limitation on the number of traffic volume data conducted and 2) is how do I enable the app to rank the results in terms of the highest, lowest, average and summation?Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I have attached a screenshot of my app development that I got stuck on and the period of the study is 15min 0 sec. Thank You.


Your screenshot is not showing. It looks like you tried to post an image from within Gmail. Try downloading/saving the screenshot to your desktop and then dragging it into a new post (or edit the post above).

You can put the values into a list and use the list math functions that @drted mentioned. If you have the values in a database, you can use the “list of values” block in the Data Sources drawer to create a list from a column of values.

I actually wanted to arrange data that I stored in the Firebase.

As can be seen from the screenshot, there are a lot of different data in each study. However, I only want to arrange data of “totalcountedvehicles” in ascending order together with the respective “currenttime” data and respective sum of data of “mediumlorry” + “totallightvanutilityvehicle” + “bus”. There is no limitation on the number of study carried out by future users. For example there can be 6,10 or 12 studies done by users.
I tried doing this but didnt get the result I wanted.

is this possible to do? :sweat_smile: