How to change WebAPI Header in blocks in Thunkable X?

How can i change WebAPI Headers in the block section with Thunkable X ?

Currently, this is impossible to do.

There is a way to request the developpers to add this feature ?

This has already been suggested, but the developers can not fulfill all the requests that they receive. In the Thunkable X documentation you can see here what soon should appear.

Okay thanks, i will try to do this with an invisible web viewer and some JavaScript then…
Or JavaScript isn’t enabled too ?

Javascript in the Web Viewer component works through the data: protocol. Do you understand this or do you need an example?

If you don’t mind, i 'll like to have an exemple thanks ^^

Ok :slight_smile:

Basic example


Thanks i will work on this ^^
This shoud do the work pending the SetHeader block.
If i succeed to make this work i will edit the first post with the code, like that the other users will be able to benefit from it