How to call different number in Thunkable

I am making an app where at first screen user will select their city from list viewer and there will be a button “next” and when they click" next" button the next screen will appear there they will have 3 call button when they click on first button a call will go to the selected city police station and second button will call the city hospital number and 3Rd button will call city fire service. Every city has different number so I want to call different number from selected city. And I want the app to remember the city user selected at first. Please help me.

Hi @emonbiswasimran - you can do this with lots of lists, or a neater way of doing it is by creating a list of lists, where your sub-lists contain the stations and hospitals.

If you use a stored variable this will allow your app to “remember” the users selection.

let me know whether or not that makes sense.