How to access a value from anywhere in your app

If you’re trying to store data that can be used anywhere in your app then the best approach is probably to use a stored variable. These variables can be saved on your phone for future use and are accessible from any screen.

Create your variable

In this example, a variable called counter is initialised. When the app opens it is always assigned a value of 0, so you may want to modify or remove this bit if you want persistent storage.


Update your variable

This is probably the easiest way to update your variable…


Another way to update your variable

…however you could also do something like this:


Actually, I meant to ask:

what is the difference between the ‘stored counter’ and 'stored “counter” ’ , apart from the fact the latter can use a variable to specify the value of the variable (and thus be vulnerable to typo)?

Is the first implementation a sub-case of the second, or does it use an entirely different mechanism that could be more optimal in terms of processing power?