How do I use data grid to navigate to detail page

I don’t understand ut, please if you know than explain in details, I want when data viewer item clicked and navigate to the detail screen then I tried to set the lebel text to get value from data source sheet 1 and the row which I want to show and for row id I set the app variable rowID but nothing is showing, please ehelp me

Create a var with value as 0

then add a onClick event.
set the var to the row ID and navigate to the detail page.

(var = variable)

Basicly the same as @catsarisky
Hope that helps.

You can see the blocks, after creating a var with 0 still the photos and text are not showing in the details screen, please help

can you maybe show a link to the project?
Or give us some mor information.
that makes it a bit easier to find the problem.

Ok I am actually creating a Property View data viewer grid, where I show property from my sheet, I have also created a custom data viewer layout where I bind around 10 coloum for bedroom, bathroom, and other details and when data viewer item clicked I want to show the image and property details on the labels through data source but no image and text are showing in the details screen please help me I am struggling a lot, can you mail me at ‘‘offgain @ gmail’’ or you can reply here project link Thunkable

I am hoping for your help brother

I am not able to open the project can you send a copy of it?
Also why is the first get value from for row id the ID socket empty?

Brother please help me the this is the project link Thunkable and now it is not even opening in thunkable live test app, please look and help me if you can

Brother no update till now?

You are using as image.
it wont work because its a link to a website not a image.

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That I did not do, I am so confused

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Are you connecting your project with Google sheet or Airtable?

If yes, then it will be very difficult for anyone to test your project against your data. In Thunkable, when you share a link to your project, it will disconnect that data tables and replace them with local tables and fill the local tables with sample data. This way no one can actually verify if your are doing the correct coding with your data because no one has access to your data to do the real and complete test.

This is my thought of the problem but it could be something else.

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I am only trying to show the selected item on the screen. ONLY the selected item from the list.

I am connected through Airtable

Because Data Viewer Lists sync with a data source, the only way to show a single item is to only have one row in your data source. What I usually do is use a Data Viewer List (DVL) on the first screen and then when an item is clicked on, I navigate to a second screen that has the detailed info that I want to display for that single item. But I don’t use a DVL on the second screen. You could but you’d need a second data source that gets updated/replaced each time the user clicks on an item on the first screen.


Yes I have the data list on the first page and the detail on the second page, that’s not the answer to my solution… so your telling me with the entire list you then have to only have 1 row in an entire spreadsheet? Then it wouldn’t be any need for a list at all, I’m sorry but that is totally unclear to me.

I’m saying that if you want to display only one item in a DVL, then you need a data source with only one row. But that’s not my suggestion. If you read the “What I usually do…” part above, I’m saying that you should not use a DVL to display a single item. Just use image/label components to display the selected item’s data.

Because you can generate the row id (green block) when clicking on a DVL item, you can assign that value to a variable and then use the variable on other screens (or the same screen) to pull information from the data source and display it however you like.


Hi @delee_techdeveloper ,

a Data Viewer List (DVL) is always connected to a data source. My data sources are connected to airtable, I don’t know if the following works also for other databases.
When clicking on an entry of a DVL you get an ID (“row ID”) as a result. This ID is the index into your data source, the purple block:

(BTW: when using other events of an DVL like “right swipe” or “left swipe” you get also the ID)

You can query as many blocks (name, address, URL, …) as you like from your data source. I found that they work very slow, so I prefer getting one object, and pick the values from that object:


If you use a separate details screen, just store the “row ID” in an app variable, go to your details screen after the DVL click, and display all the information based on the row ID. Hope that helps.


Here’s a demo:

Screen 1 blocks:

Screen 2 blocks:


I really appreciate your help! Thank you!