How can I control transform property (etc rotate, rotateX, scale... ) in Blocks?

I can rotate image on old version (Thunkable Classic?)
but I can’t do that.
I want to rotate image viewer on runtime .
Maybe only way to rotate image is rotate property of image control’s transform on design .
Please Help me…
How can I use transform’s rotate property in runtime (with Blocks)
or please show me any other way to rotate image control

welcome to our community @vhs1014d6x!!
use canvas and make a sprite then
sprite.angle = value

Happy Thunking!!:smile:

It’s too late to say thank you(
Thank you for your reply.

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your welcome did it work? @vhs1014d6x

I did’nt it work …
so I solved the problem by storing the image on the server by rotating it.

Thank you for your help @luv.ak.techt

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