How artificial intelligence interprets your pictures

Dear community,

Created completely with thunkable using language and AI components:


  • Artificial Intelligence analyses pictures
  • Choose a picture and get the analyses with probability rating
  • Analyses Situations and Emotions
  • Three languages

If someone knows the third language let me know if translation is accurate.

Also it would be interesting for me if someone can manage to evaluate more than 30 pictures.

Have fun!

Edit: Finally managed to rename packages.

New Features:

  • Take pictures directly with this App
  • Share pictures immediately after analysing

Sometimes accurate, but most of the times it says weird stuff about the pictures.
It’s a nice checker, to see what the computers will see when I upload my pictures.

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Well, no way ti fix that, because he using Microsoft AI Components :wink:

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I know. I’m not criticizing his programming, nor asking him to fix it.


Yeah, the original result language is English. I use the Yandex component for real-time translation. For the German language I realized that the translation sometimes makes less sense than the original message.

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Hello Denis, I recommend the following:

  1. Change the icon, check these: Free Brain Icons

  2. Change the appearance of the buttons, check these: Free Buttons

  3. Inactivates scrolling and uses layouts correctly.

  4. Hides the countdown

  5. Remove the title of the application and customize it, try this:


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Hello @Andru,

thanks for your feedback. Graphical design is actually not my strongest skill, so thanks for these links. I am going to play around with these possibilities. Still need to figure out the license-methods they are using.

How do you mean this? Can you give me an example?

… And most importantly, the application should take photos and analyze them :smile:


Thanks for the helpful explanation. I am going to update this app next week and will implement a few things.

As I had a little bit time, I updated already a few issues.

  • New Feature:

done :wink:

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Just updated this app.

New Features:

  • Take pictures directly with this App
  • Share pictures immediately after analysing

Also improved UI… such as:

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By the way: this app now has 1,000+ Users. However it is rated that bad, that I am wondering it has users at all X-/