How add bookmarks option in app

In my app, bookmark option is already given, but it is not working. It is also not shown in designer, since i am using colin tree list view extension. My app consists of many articles, like news app. I would like to have bookmarks and share option in each article. The name of button is fav.png.
I am only aware of the fact that it can be done using Tiny DB. But dont know how. Please guide me, if you can.

Your blocks are from Kodular and have nothing to do with Thunkable X (or even Classic). You have asked this exact same question on the Kodular forum here so there is no need to spam Thunkable.

I have removed blocks, now tell me.

It’s still nothing to do with Thunkable X. Go ask in Kodular which is where you are creating this app. Don’t spam other builders’ forums.