Help with a web viewer

Good evening! Is there any possibility to store what was shown by the web viewer to view offline? Save what was seen by the user on his last visit to the application so that it can be seen without internet. Any block structure?

Hi @guimartinz0509gyenk, welcome to Thunkable!

I don’t know of any way to save webviewer content. I’m pretty sure that’s not possible because the webviewer is self-contained. There are no inputs or outputs besides the url.

If it was your own webserver, then I guess you could use the messages feature as a sort of cookie to remember the user’s location on your site(s).

Typically, if you want the user to have information offline, you would store it in a local data source or grab it while online from a cloud-based data source (e.g. API, Google Sheet, etc.) and then save it locally in the app.