Help me weather API tutorial!

Does anyone know what’s wrong with my thing? I did the tutorial but it just pops up with a white screen and I don’t know how to fix it.

Try modifying your Web API call THEN DO to something like this…

This code will display the response, the status, and the error for the web API call. Based on those results, you can troubleshoot the call.

P.S.The second “Tittle” block should be the MESSAGE property. oops…

@drted has a good suggestion for troubleshooting Web API calls.

My first step is always to see if I can get back JSON data by entering the full url into a browser.

So all of the text that is getting joined in the “set URL” block… put that together into one long string (url) including the city name (either “San Francisco” or “New York”) and see what happens when you try to go to that site.

You should get back a JSON response that looks something like this:

{“coord”:{“lon”:-87.65,“lat”:41.85},“weather”:[{“id”:801,“main”:“Clouds”,“description”:“few clouds”,“icon”:“02n”}],“base”:“stations”,“main”:{“temp”:63.88,“feels_like”:52.65,“temp_min”:63,“temp_max”:64.99,“pressure”:1019,“humidity”:42},“visibility”:10000,“wind”:{“speed”:16.11,“deg”:210,“gust”:26.4},“clouds”:{“all”:20},“dt”:1604544465,“sys”:{“type”:1,“id”:4861,“country”:“US”,“sunrise”:1604492836,“sunset”:1604529664},“timezone”:-21600,“id”:4887398,“name”:“Chicago”,“cod”:200}

Post that data here and we can help you with the next step. The idea is that until you have the url working, you can’t really move on to Thunkable blocks yet.

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