Hello Chat 2.0 | New Chatting App 2019

Hello Everyone !!
I’m very happy to share my new app i.e HELLO CHAT 2.0 with you all. Actually this is an updated version of Howdy Messenger which i have share to with the community last year. If you want to know more, kindly read this post.

What’s new in this update ?
Here are the list of features which i have included in this update ;

I have used some extensions in this app so i really thank these developers for their extension.
@ColinTree for the ColinTree List View extension
@ . . . for the Notificate extension
@ . . . for EasyDialog extension

To know more about this chatting app,

:link: Watch the Overview Video : Hello Chat 2.0 | New Chatting App In Thunkable | Ct tricks
:link: Downloda APK : Hello Chat 2.0

Note : If you need the AIA file of Hello Chat 2.0 then kinldy PM me.

//Ct tricks

  • Great Work !!
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • I need a tutorial

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Awesome work as always!!!
If you could send me the AIA, i would be VERY happy :grin:

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Hey why don’t u post a tutorial???